Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~i'm happy~

i'm tired of keeping the happiness i feel inside of me. now, i just don't care anymore. i really want to share it with the world so that they know how happy i am to be me and having what i have now.

i'm happy with what Allah gives me, the life.
i'm happy with my height, my weight, my skin colour and how i look like from head to toe.
i'm happy with my happy family even we are not rich.
i'm happy to know that i DO have best friends even they are not big in number.
i'm happy with my attitude problems which i can considered as 'hey, that is not your business!'
i'm happy to know that there are people out there that really can't wait to hang out with me.
i'm happy to have such a good boy in my life..Mohd Azmin Saberi..

Ya Allah...thanks for giving me life that i dream i really realize "soon u will get what u want".. bsabar la sayang~

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